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Session Videos from Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 - Denver

Microsoft Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 - Denver (#GlobalAzure) was a success with almost 300 registrants. Thanks to all that made it out, and contributed to its success. 

Special Thanks:

  • Speakers – For giving so kindly of your time and efforts to provide your knowledge to our community
  • Ryan McIntyre – For Microsoft Sponsor support, and managing technical and recordings
  • Nathan Taylor – For continued support through envisioning and planning
  • Allison Horn – For managing coordination of Microsoft facilities
  • Dave McKinstry – For overall support and logistics
  • Tom Canter – For managing technical
  • Stephanie Martin, Curtis Sawin – For planning Microsoft sessions and providing goodies
  • Adam Patridge – For adding Xamarin University to the mix and providing goodies
  • Phidiax Team – For traveling across the country to help deliver
  • Sponsors

We were able to attempt recording sessions. For the successful recordings, check out our channel on YouTube.

See you next year!

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