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PayPal Developer Portal : Seeing Hidden Message Details and Call Contents

The PayPal Developer portal provides a place to view all API calls in your live and sandbox environments. This is helpful especially when you have a failed call and haven't logged it or have some sort of exception shielding in place. 

The last time I went to use this when working with a client however, I could not see any details of the failed calls, even when spread across an ultra wide monitor with Edge, IE, and Chrome as there was no separate link, and clicking the record in the browser did nothing:

I know there was the ability before to view the call contents (with CC#s and private info obscured obviously), so I started digging into the page source. Turns out, the link to view the call content is still there, but is hidden by CSS. So if you open the developer tools in your browser, you can change the effective CSS inline to allow the links to display. This may not work if PayPal changes the CSS or page structure, but works as of the publishing of this blog entry (1/22/2019).

Open Developer Tools and review the document structure (screenshots are from Internet Explorer 11). Click "Select Element" and then select the row for which data is needed. The row following the selected one which has the collapse class:

Click into the hidden row in the source document. In the styles area, uncheck .hidden-lg and .collapse to show the hidden row:

The link to view the details is now visible on all rows!


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