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Denver Dev Day - 6/23/2017 - Phidiax Wrap Up

Friday, 6/23/2017, marked another installment of the Denver Dev Days at the Microsoft Denver regional offices featuring a wide selection of 21 speakers and topics all surrounding the Microsoft development stack. 250 tickets were initially offered, which all were snapped up very quickly. If you didn’t get in within a short period of time, you were waiting until the next event, which by the way is rumored to be planned in the October time-frame this year. Keep your ears to the ground!!!


When Friday arrived, people kept pouring in to registration tables and sponsor booths, eager to connect and receive the latest and the greatest in development training. Denver Dev Days are unique events, offering many of the benefits you would see on a Code Camp day, however, it is usually scheduled during the week as opposed to on a weekend. This provides the additional benefit to local Denver area employers of being able to budget free training for their developers without the need to pay thousands of dollars and travel across the country to be trained. It can augment existing training budgets as well, allowing to obtain the maximum for value. 

Dev days also represents a great opportunity for local companies to sponsor, providing connection to a wide range of developer talent. 


Speakers at Denver Dev Day are the top of the crop for sure. Looking around the room of speakers when I was there I saw two Regional Directors, a handful of MVP’s covering many topic areas, several company founders and niche area experts in the .NET stack and modern open source JavaScript stacks, and Microsoft employees well versed in their product area.


The sessions were well researched, well presented, and covered a wide range of interesting topics, from the Bot framework, to advances in graphics for Windows OS environments, to the latest and greatest with Angular and .NET Core.


Joe Mayo dropping knowledge on the Bot Framework Architecture

I, Dave Milner, Phidiax Collaboration and Cloud Architect, also was privileged to have my talk on Continuous Delivery with .NET Core, Docker, Azure, and Visual Studio Team Services selected, and had a great time presenting. My content is up at for anyone interested.


Of course these events also are covered completely under Microsoft’s policies for Government and Public Education, as well as their Entertainment Policy to provide a safe and compliant environment for all employees training:


Overall Denver Dev Day in June provided an excellent opportunity for developers of all kinds around the Microsoft stack to get together, delve into great topics, and enjoy a free day of training on a Friday to augment everyone’s development abilities, connections, and effectiveness.

Thanks to the local Denver area Developer Evangelist group for organizing and putting this on, as well as all of the MVP’s and Regional Directors in the Rocky Mountain area.

Fantastic Job, and looking forward to October!!!!!


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