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Phidiax Quoted by ChannelPro Network: Profiting From Microsoft Azure


Profiting from Microsoft Azure

Office 365 gets all the attention, but channel pros can make money reselling Microsoft’s Azure platform-as-a-service solution too.

… For Love of Azure

On the opposite end of the Azure spectrum is Phidiax LLC, a consulting firm in Denver with 10 architects who are all partners in the business. The specialist group works with Microsoft to support clients. "This is an easy service to sell," says Jason Sauers, founder and CEO. "Quick setup to deploy a website on Azure and only spend a couple of dollars per month." He sees no reluctance in his customer base. "We've seen a continual ramp-up: about a 10,000 percent increase in Azure usage. Microsoft is truly the leader in this area." He admits there were growing pains, but those are fixed. "Azure now has a refresh cycle quarterly and some amazing products rolling out. A problem today will not be a problem tomorrow." …


… Sauers believes Office 365 in an excellent jumping-off point to Azure. "If you have Office 365, and already have your credentials in the cloud, that creates a bridge from your organization to the cloud. Sync Active Directory to the cloud to support your Office software, then it's an easy step to Azure. And you have no worries about on-premise provisioning." …


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